Female & Delicious


The Art of Living and Loving

"The ocean is everything I want to be

beautiful, mysterious,
wild, deep and free."

Do you yearn for more fun, ease, joy, love and ecstasy in your life?
Welcome to Femalicious!

We strongly belief that it's time for the world to become more feminine.

We want to take part in establishing absolute harmony and balance between the feminine and the masculine - inside and outside of us.

 We love to create an absolutely fabulous and delicious life for everyone.

Join now.

It is our deepest mission and greatest honor to support you on your path.

We offer Private Sessions and Workshops for personal and spiritual growth. 

 Choose your Life.  &  Live your Choice.

A Private Session is tailor made for you.

We will talk about challenges you might face, wishes and dreams you want to become true and goals you want to achieve regarding personal and spiritual growth, wealth, work and love life. 

We will design the best session according to your needs. That can be a coaching only, a hands on session

or both. We provide mainly tantric knowledge and additionally everything we learned and experienced in countless workshops and trainings on our own path of spirituell growth. 

We will listen to you and you will feel seen and understood. Everything is welcome.  

Our work is always about integrating growth on a daily basis in order to design the best version of your life.

Sessions with Naima

  Sessions with Angeline

I love to inspire human beings to unleash their infinite erotic potential. Within everyone there is the capacity for an endless flow of sexual energy which is there to experience joy, happiness and ecstasy. This huge amount of energy can be used in every aspect of our life to make all our wishes and dreams come true and so it leads to an extraordinary fulfilled life .

"The conscious decision for more joy, more ecstasy, more love - just more ..is totally up to us. There is no outside to change, the outside just mirrors the inside. Mindset is everything.

Be joy and joy will follow."

I love to inspire human beings to take the next step to their more and to their infinite potential. 
I will support you with my knowledge about tantra and manifestation. Create the life you desire now.

"Nothing changes until you change. Everything changes once you change."

Our workshops address the big variety of human life, human experiences and human emotions. The goal is always to enhance the capacity to feel joy, bliss and ecstasy (without avoiding depth and pain) in order to create your dream life now.

We explore all kind of topics: female superpowers, self love, sacred manifestation for all what we wish for, .. and more.  

We provide a mixture of profound theory and powerful exercises. 

We respect your privacy.

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